1. Beware Of Old Information

    Check the year on each date while you read these. Some of this stuff is pretty old and is being more widely published for the first time. It’s taken me a while to come to grips with lifting the curtain of privacy that I usually stay behind. I’m learning. 

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    We all know him as a member of Jackie Greene’s band; lending his voice, and playing awesome guitar right along with Jackie.


    Now, Nathan Dale has got an album of his own.  A local Sacramento review is linked above.

    You can listen to the tracks on his facebook.  While I was listening, I kind of felt like he had been holding out on us all this time!  

    Upon first listen, if feels almost like it has a whimsical aura about it, while weaving in and out of various musical genres, which I like.  Each song has a sound of its own, while maintaining a similar thread, which I also like.  Makes you not want to skip a single track.  

    Check it out!  

    Current favorites:


    My Wonder Girl

    Oh Messiah!

    One Bad Day 

    Way Down 

    With The Sea

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    This is an amazing story. I think Tim Bluhm would enjoy this one. ;)

    Soundtrack: http://youtu.be/6pAkaqFwnUQ

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  7. Happy Everything, Everyone.

    It’s December and it’s a good month to celebrate stuff. So happy *.*/, to you! If you didn’t have a Commodore 64 or aren’t familiar with regexes then just “be happy”. ;)

    I just put a new coat of skin on the tumblr and I’m going to start using this thing. I’m in the process of semi-centralizing all of the mediums. I’ll tell ya.. even for a computer geek it’s not easy to order all of the services. Ugh. Text America was my way to communicate to the world when it was up and going. Just about the time I’d built up a nice collection of memories, they shut down. I don’t think Tumblr will be folding shop anytime soon.

    Send me your thoughts (tired or poor).


  8. Dec 9th, 2011    
  9. Updates: forthcoming. Meanwhile..

    * Notes to self

    1. Get used to the idea of blogging.

    2. Learn to push my fingers into the keys. 

    3. Hope for viewers’ patience.

    4. Thank them.

    5. Buck fear.

    6. Sleep!

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